This multi-purpose trailer has a wider and longer space.
Only single trip can make you for double with
hitch set within brake system.

Commercial Trailers.

Trailer’s surface made from plain fiberglass
with white gelcoated; no any joints.
Light weight and thermal insulation.
This trailer is plain, light weight, and easy for
maintenance. The smooth surface is suitable to place
advertisement sticker. This is another way of
product and service public relations.
* The approximately details can be changed without prior notice.


Cargo trailer of fiberglass surface imported from Germany. Make you transportation safe from toxic contamination with the qualifications of no chemical residues, non-toxic, and great anti-fungal.
Height light
4 green LED lights
on the front.
Security switch Open and
close automatically, to pre-
vent products from damages.
Lock and Latch
Made from formed
stainless steel
LED Rear light
2 modern pairs of red
and orange LED.
Handle Opener with key
Made from stainless steel
which durable, and strong.
Easy to use.
Door Hinge
made from stainless
steel with corrosion
Extra Stands
Made from formed low
carbon steel. Good weight
carrier. On left and right,
at front and rear.
AL-KO hitch set
Special steel imported from
Germany. No.1 safest.
Rear light break
Remarkable and gorgeous
design. For safety driving.
Chassis Trailer
Made from formed low
carbon steel that designed
by vehicle engineering.
Lock Hook
Made from stainless
steel. Non-corrosion,
prevent walls from
damages, and no
Wheel Fender
Protect wheel from
damages of stones
and mud.

2-axle Trailer

A special design for heavy loading. You can be assured for any transportation. Only single trip, but gain for double.

More capacity with heavy loading.
Weight capacity of 3.5 tons

More capacity with heavy loading. Endure to all tough works with the load- ing performances that help you save fuel, money, and time. Only trailer that gives you more.
AL-KO hitch set is the quality product which imported from Germany. AL-KO is the number one brand in Europe that stands for the safest standard. We choose only quality products for your safety, so you can rely on loading goods with the international quality hitch set,that durable to all kinds of Thailand’ road. You need to proof for yourself with Carryboy Trailer.
Van trailer
Multi-purpose trailer comes with drum brake for your safety.
Trailer Hitch Made from quality steel.
stronger than any other trailer hitches. It can tow any cargo models such as, 3000 and 4200 model.
AL-KO international standards
Hitch cargo carrier is strong and durable, which made from special steel, and comes with brake system.
Rubber Suspension
The suspension can carry the weight very well, so it can prevent goods from damages, with AL-KO, Germany standards.

Carryboy Trailer

* Carryboy Trailers. reserves the right to change or modify the amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations show here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.
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